Mustafa Arja

Authorised Islamic and

Civil Marriage Celebrant


Mustafa Arja was born in Australia on the 27th of September 1976. Al- Hamdu lillah (Praise be to Allah) he is happily married with four children. 

He completed high school education locally and there after completed a Diploma in Community Welfare. Mustafa is an Authorised Islamic/Civil Marriage Celebrant and Justice of the Peace. 

He has studied Islam under many prominent Sheikhs in the Sydney area and is currently completing a Diploma in Islamic Studies with Islamic Online University. 

Mustafa is a Student of Knowledge in Comparative Religions and has had many Muslim/Christian Dialogues with Pastors and Ministers. Some of which are available on Youtube (click on Multimedia). He has completed an intense Dawah training workshop and has trained others in the field of Dawah (inviting people to Islam). 

Mustafa has delivered countless lectures and Friday sermons at Universities and Mosques in Sydney and its neighbouring cities. He has also been invited to give lectures in various venues around Australia. 

He also teaches Islamic education to the youth in his local area. Mustafa has completed courses and seminars on Marriage in Islam, Conflict Management, Presentation Skills Development, Islamic Finance, Addressing Misconceptions about Islam and many more. Al-Hamdu lillah, Praise be to Allah Alone for All the blessings He has given him.

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Mustafa Arja 

Authorised Islamic and Civil Marriage Celebrant

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